Telecommunication Scaffolding Services

Telecommunications and mobile telecom scaffolding services for the maintenance and repair of telephone mast antennae.

We provide professional and competitive scaffolding solutions for lattice towers, Guyed towers, monopole towers, camouflage towers, self-support towers, mobile cell towers and any transition device secured to a building structure.

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Telecommunication Scaffolding Solutions

Scaffolding for the UK Mobile Telecoms Sector. Our scaffold crews for the telecommunications sector undertake additional specialised training which includes Rooftop Safety and Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring and awareness.

  • Traditional tube and fitting scaffolds

  • Stair towers
  • Gantry systems
  • Scaffolding stair towers
  • Temporary roofs

  • Regular scaffold inspections

  • Scaffold designs

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Telecom Masts Scaffolding FAQ’s

Scaffolding for lattice tower access. Freestanding Lattice towers that are segmentally designed with a rectangular or triangular base steel lattices. Often used by telecom firms in situations which require modifications such as the need for mounting a larger number of panel or dish antennas. These types of towers are also used as electricity transmission towers, radio towers or as an observation towers. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a famous example of a lattice tower.

Guyed towers scaffolding information.  Guyed towers can be lightweight to heavyweight towers often seen as slender steel structures. Commonly seen in the tower industry, guyed towers are designed to provide maximum strength, efficiency and versatility with easy installation. They are supported by one or more levels of braided or stranded steel guy cables that anchor to the ground.

Monopole towers scaffolding information. Monopole towers work well when space is limited, zoning is difficult or harsh weather conditions need to be considered. Designed as a single-pole that can be a tubular section design or a formed, tapered pole, they are the least intrusive – making them the most popular tower types in the wireless communication industry. Because of the single-pole design, it advantageously reduces visual impact and results in a shorter construction time (and typically cost) compared to traditional lattice structures. Many monopoles can also be designed as stealth, camouflage towers.

Camouflage towers scaffolding information.  Camouflage towers are typically used in urban areas when they need to reduce the visual impact on the environment is a concern. They are often seen in the form of artificial pine trees, palm trees, clock towers and in hotter climates even in the form of artificial cacti.

Scaffolding for Self-Support Towers.  These towers offer our clients a number of possibilities compared to other types of telecom towers and are considered appropriate for nearly all wireless communication applications. Available in 3-legged triangular and 4-legged square lattice-type structures, their braces can accommodate the heaviest of loads and the strongest of winds. Their design is ideal for installations where space requirements may be limited and often inexpensive to purchase, transport and install.

Mobile cell tower scaffolding (tower-on-wheels, cell-on-wheels) are considered low-profile and portable because they are often mounted on trailers. Coming with a portable, small footprint, mobile cell towers are discreet and very versatile. They are often used in temporary or emergency situations; however, they are also useful if budget or permits are of concern.

Telecomunication-Scaffolding for mobile antennae repairs

Telecommunications Transmitter Repair & Logistics

Mobile telecommunications transmitter repair, equipment lifting & logistics.

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Mobile Telecoms Working At Heights Mobile Telecom Building Transmitter Repairs JSS Scaffolding
Mobile Telecoms Working At Heights Mobile Telecoms Building Transmitter Repairs JSS Scaffolding
Mobile Telecoms Working At Heights Mobile Telecoms Building Transmitter Leeds Repairs JSS Scaffolding
Mobile Telecoms Working Safely At Heights Mobile Telecoms Building Transmitter Leeds Repairs JSS Scaffolding
Mobile Telecoms Working Safely At Heights Mobile Telecoms Tower Transmitter Leeds Repairs JSS Scaffolding
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JSS Scaffolding Specialists

Scaffolding for homes in Hampshire & Dorset, as well as business & local authority scaffolding. Specialists in Marine, Industrial and telecomunications scaffold solutions.

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Health & Safety For Telecommunications Scaffolding

Health and safety for telecommunications scaffolding. We work closely with our scaffolders to ensure that they are up to date with the industry standards, this enables our scaffolding crews to work safely and confidently on any site. It is our policy to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all your employees and customers as well as our commercial scaffolding crews.

Full PPE clothing and equipment is supplied and worn by our staff at all relevant times.

We ensure that each member of our team is given the opportunity to achieve new qualifications through CITB/CISRS training and adhere to the standards set by Construction Industry Regulations. And adhear to standards set by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as related health and safety legislation.

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Compliance Documentation For Telecom’s

Marine Scaffolding compliance documentation for health & safety.  Available upon request.

  • Scaffolding Association Certificate

  • Citation Certificate

  • Chas Certificate

  • FORS document

  • Insurance documentation

Trade Association Membership & Accreditations

Trade association membership & accreditations.  JSS scaffolding investing in construction excellence.

Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations SSIP
Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations ARQIVA
Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations HCS SAFETY
Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations Breathe Safety
Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations Smart Scaffolder
Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations Scaffolding Association
Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations MBNL
Scaffolder Associations Membership & Accreditations CSCS

Your Telecommunications Scaffolding Requirments

Marine scaffolding requirements.  Arrange for a call back from our scaffold build project manager Paul Reynard.

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